Reflection and age

Oh my goodness–our lives are a changing. I am introspective. I am a certified insecure people pleaser. My life is like a quilt. When all the bits and pieces of my history are put together, they become links to the past and a beacon to future generations. My future remains questionable. Husband has been sick for months and every day I think about how few days are left here on earth. How can this be? This quilt started out as a challenge for a group that I am in. Named “Graffiti Girl” I wanted to portray a nude. How can you do this in fabric? After weeks of thinking and being inspired by color, I started her. She was made with commercial fabric but also with gel prints I made with overprinted words, adding colors and layers. Because every quilt I make I try to have a message this one is about me!

As a young girl I was bombarded with how others thought I should be. I chose to listen as my inner nakedness whispered to my soul. I used words that still resonate today (faith, blessings, fear, heart, family, social, peace…you find them) in the background and united them with lots of freehand designs. I think she is my signature piece this year. But…who knows. I just like her today.