Who would have thought our world would be in such a dilemma?. Sharing ideas and our quilts has been the mainstay of many of us who love the creative spirit. Now we get the opportunity to share them through blogs and Facebook groups in the comfort of our own homes. While most of us now have the time to stay home, three weeks ago while taking my dog for a walk I fell and broke my right wrist in 2 places. For a woman my age that can be quite a handicap. I’m unable to use my hand and wrist and because of a cast, I’m learning to do many things with my left hand. My frustration level is high!

Audrey and Trixy.

Just before the virus hit, my granddaughter from Washington state came to visit. At 11 she’s quite a creative soul and her parents encourage that quality. For years she has taken sewing lessons and is very meticulous. After six days she made a beautiful pillow as well as a small wall quilt. Grandma is very proud as her wall quilt, created totally by her, is absolutely stunning. After she returned to Washington, her mother bought her an iPad Pro downloaded some apps and she is now creating a book to publish and making quilts as the illustrations. I’ve attached a copy of her picture as well as the story she composed about her quilt.

So… All is not totally lost. In fact I might even keep track of the events in the next few weeks, something I have wanted to do forever in the form of a diary on this blog. Let’s see if I can figure out how to publish it now.

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