About Karen

Our group quilt won 2nd place at Paducah in 2018 and was the featured cover of AMERICAN QUILTER’S SOCIETY 2019 CALENDAR.

My name is Karen and I’ve been sewing like many others in my generation, since my Grandmother taught me in the early 1950’s.   For sometime in the 70s, I sewed clothes for my growing children and at one point, while being a stay at home mom I decided I would sew for others. That didn’t last long because I found out I could not make any money for the hours that I put into making garments. I got a real job and found myself retired in the early 21st-century. After a move to Prescott, Arizona, I took up Sewing. My first machine was a Mickey Mouse embroidery machine which I relished because I was such a Disney fan. Making small items, learning how to embroidery towels and other items, I stepped up to a larger Disney machine. Once I ran out of in embroidery patterns, I was invited to my local quilt guild by a neighbor.  I started small and have continued to create within the art quilt community.

To me art is a passion and a step into another space and creative realm. It is a spirit that awakens the soul and energizes me. Art is best when it creates an emotional impact in the artist and the observer.

My art medium is creating a story with fabric collage–using shapes, shading and texture. What makes a story compelling? For me, I often start with the eyes and try to listen to what they are saying. I invite you to look deeply and engage yourself in the stories.

Lions, Tigers and bears oh my…